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Below are mini-directories for each county


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Addictions Mini-Directory



Abuse Victims Mini-Directory

(Sexual / Verbal / Physical / Rape / Domestic Violence /

Adult Survivors Of Child Abuse, Incest, Molestation)




Bereavement Mini-Directory


Behavioral Health Mini-Directory




They include a broad range of other stressful life situations that include most illnesses, bereavement situations, disabilities, divorce, parenting problems, family issues, other trauma experiences, job clubs, and many other life transitions and adversities.

For information on any of those support groups available, please call the Clearinghouse at 1-800-367-6274, remember it as 1-800-FOR-M.A.S.H. (Mutual Aid Self-Help).


To find a group near you, simply click on the type of group (above) that you are looking for. When you find a group that you are interested in, we suggest the following:


  Phone the group before you attend, to learn what is on the agenda for that next meeting, or in other words, what happens at a meeting; and to make sure that the meeting information hasnt changed (we update the group info at least annually, but groups sometimes change their meeting times & place).


  When you call a contact person, please be courteous as to what time you phone - don't call too early in the morning, or too late at night if you are calling a home phone number.


  Please contact us if you find any incorrect information.


  Phone us if you cannot find an appropriate group. If you have Internet access and are interested, we can often provide you with an online support group. Also, we are always finding out about new community groups.


Please Note: Our Clearinghouse neither evaluates nor rates the individual self-help support groups listed. We include groups in our listings based on their own reports of charging no fee for service (minimal dues are acceptable), providing group peer support, group ownership by members, and above all, mutual aid - people helping each other within the group. Our provision of information on a group does not constitute an endorsement of that group, nor does omission of a group from our listings signify disapproval. A few groups may have escaped our attention. The ultimate evaluation of a self-help group is determined by those who attend it, and the groups survival depends on the continued participation of people who have found it helpful. Whether for yourself or as a referral for a client, you are the ultimate judge in deciding whether a group is appropriate to your needs. Learn more about a group by visiting their website, requesting group materials, or emailing or phoning to ask questions about their group. Self-help means more control and more responsibility in your hands.


If you know a group that is not included in our listing, but should be, please give us a call 1-800-367-6274.