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We’ve been Helping People Find & Form Community Self-Help Support Groups for Over 30 Years


Over 8,200 community support groups meet regularly throughout New Jersey. Contacts for several thousand of the mental health and addiction groups are provided here. For any of the thousands of other groups, for most any physical illness, disability, loss of a loved one, parenting situation, caregiver concern, traumatic experience, or any one of hundreds of other stressful life situations, just call us toll-free. If no group meets near you, we can often give you a national or an online group. Or, if you’re interested in joining with others to start a needed new group, we’ll show you how. To learn about the groups available, to help a friend or family member who is in need or feels “all alone,” look over the examples in your county or by type of group. 




The Self-Help Group Sourcebook Online has a keyword-searchable database of over 1,100 national, international, model and online self-help support groups for addictions, bereavement, health, mental health, disabilities, abuse, parenting, caregiver concerns and many other stressful life situations. Also lists local self-help clearinghouses worldwide, research studies, information on starting face-to-face and online groups, and a registry for persons interested in starting national or international self-help groups.


The Sourcebook Online is made possible in partnership with MentalHelp.Net, the world’s oldest, and one of the most comprehensive online mental health guide.


















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