Below are lists of support group types by county. To access the files, simply click on the county that you would like to print.



  Ways to use your countys listing include:



  Individuals can post a copy in their community, simply to let more people in need know that these no-fee support resources are indeed available.


  Both natural and selected community leaders can refer to it when helping individuals or families in need.


  Professionals can post a copy in their waiting room or pass them out to clients who may be interested in a self-help peer support group


  Employers can post a copy at work to help their staff realize that such local volunteer-run community resources are available when needed.




The New Jersey Self-Help Group Clearinghouse is a program of Saint Clares Health System and is made possible by funding from the NJ Division of Mental Health and Addictions Services. This website is made possible through the generous support of Medical Education Fund.